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Muhlenberg County FFA is actively engaged for hunters and non-hunters to understand the importance of hunting as a tool in conservation.  A limited number of vests will be provided to hunters legally donating a deer to Kentucky Hunters For The Hungry at Milligan's Taxidermy & Deer Processing along with Farmstead Butcher Block.  Students in agriculture education classes are learning about ways to help increase deer harvest and advocate for venison consumption.  Special thanks to Kentucky Hunters For The Hungry, Whitetail Properties, and Superior Whitetail Habitats Drone Deer Recovery for providing the vest to the donors. 

 Students have compiled data for the past several years.  Some interesting points that were exposed provided the motivation for Muhlenberg County FFA advisor Scott Cronin to apply for a grant.  The Muhlenberg chapter received the grant "Better Days Through Better Ways" made possible by the Mulhollem-Cravens Foundation.  The funding is being utilized to help students learn how to process, cook, and legally resource venison to even the non-hunting community.  Cronin knew it was an awesome opportunity to help mentor those who want to learn to hunt, serve the agriculture community regarding production loss, provide community service, and create a unique way to help experienced hunters provide back to the communities they live and or hunt in.  Cronin has worked with state agencies across the United States and businesses in order to make this and other collaborative outreach projects possible.  

 There is no charge for hunters wanting to legally donate their deer in Muhlenberg County to the processors accepting deer.  If you would like to know more about Kentucky Hunters For The Hungry, feel free to visit their website. 

 Participating Processors Information Muhlenberg County:

Farmstead Butcher Block, 3060 Cleaton Road, Central City Kentucky 42330

(270) 200-4224

 Milligan's Taxidermy & Deer Processing, 1441 State Route 176, Greenville Kentucky 42345

(270) 820-2025