Important Announcement

 In an effort to enhance educational opportunities and streamline resources, Muhlenberg County School District is pleased to announce the formation of a dedicated Merger/Relocation Committee. This committee will oversee the merger of North Middle and South Middle Schools, as well as the relocation of Longest Elementary to North Middle School, commencing in the 2024-2025 school year.

The newly formed committee is composed of school administrators, certified and classified employees, community members, parents, and a board member.  These individuals will work collaboratively throughout the current school year to ensure a smooth transition. This comprehensive approach aims to address all questions and concerns related to the merger and relocation process.

Key highlights of this merger and relocation initiative include merging North Middle and South Middle Schools. This merger of North Middle and South Middle Schools is designed to consolidate resources, enhance educational offerings, and create a more efficient and comprehensive middle school experience for students.  Longest Elementary School will be relocated to the North Middle School campus.  This move will enable Longest Elementary to benefit from the enhanced facilities and resources available at the North Middle School location.

Muhlenberg County School District is committed to providing a quality education that prepares students for success in a changing world.  The district is dedicated to creating a nurturing and inclusive learning environment where students are prepared to be productive and successful citizens.