SOAR Program

As the Program Manager for SOAR and co-chair of Champions For a Drug Free Muhlenberg County, Vicki Yonts shares about the exciting work of SOAR (Strategies-Opportunities-Advantages-Resources).  The purpose of SOAR through the Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation is to provide children and families with strategies, opportunities, advantages, and resources that help them develop the emotional, social and cognitive skills needed to become lifelong learners. 

SOAR offers 25 programs for families in Muhlenberg County. We serve birth to elementary. We are planning our county-wide Super Saturdays for three-year-olds and their families. We have distributed 22,869 books in the community so far this year. Since inception, 190,344 books have been distributed to children throughout Muhlenberg County.  Reading every day with your child will make a tremendous difference in your child’s life. In addition to literacy, kindergarten readiness is also key to SOAR’s purpose.  The more prepared children are both academically and emotionally for kindergarten, the more successful learners they will become. The first few years are critical to help young children navigate and transition to a variety of settings and situations, while developing their emotional skills. 

For more information regarding SOAR, feel free to contact Vicki at 270-543-0255.