Granola with Grands LES

At Longest Elementary School our first core value in our Culture Blueprint is Care and Connect (Relationships Matter). This is not just something that we say, but we teach it, model it, and experience it daily at our school. The three behaviors we want to exhibit to ensure we live out this core belief are:

  1. Invest time to care, listen, and connect with others
  2. Team before me
  3. Do great things for each other

We believe if we constantly choose these behaviors that our school will be a great place to work and learn, we will achieve better results, and we will have fun doing it.

During September we were fortunate to Care and Connect with people who are “Grand” in our lives by celebrating “Granola with Grands”.  This time of fellowship allowed for students and adults to eat breakfast together and shop at the book fair. The event was a huge success as over 700 adults attended throughout the week. We are thankful to Jill Graham, our Family Resource Coordinator for organizing “Granola with Grands”.

Family Reading Night was also a huge success. Our theme was “Reading is Groovy”. Students and families enjoyed a beautiful weather evening while making tie-dyed shirts and lava lamps. There were 70’s themed picture backdrops, snacks, and book fair shopping as well.

We enjoy the times we are able to Care and Connect with our students and families outside of normal school hours. Building community and partnerships with the school and home is a recipe for student success. This connection is evident by Longest Elementary having almost 98% attendance and leading the district on statewide high attendance day September 13th. We look forward to our next events, which are Celebration of Learning on October 3rd and Fall Festival on October 26th, where we can make more connections between our school and our families.